Perforated sheets

Perforated sheets

Countless perforation possibilities make perforated sheet metal an extremely versatile product with infinite uses; shearing of the holes keeps the selfsustainability of the sheet metal intact, making it a product which is easy to transform..


Schiavetti Lamiere forate has gained its experience from diverse activities in the metallurgical sector, begun back in 1861 under the brand name Schiavetti. Today, Schiavetti Lamiere forate is one of the top European companies in its field, employing the latest perforation technologies.

Raw material

The experience gained has resulted in specific competence in material selection. From traditional carbon steel, to galvanised steel, stainless steel and the more recent Corten and Aisi 430 steel, Schiavetti Lamiere forate is able to guide the customer in choosing the material best suited to his needs.