Electrically-welded meshes

Standard meshes and diameters stay side by side to personalized products, feasible not only in stainless steel but also in mild steel and pre galvanized steel. The possibility of painting, bending and shaping, enhances the characteristics of versatility, leaving endless spaces to imagination with only one target, the product quality: for this purpose Sia-Mpl is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Thanks to technologically advanced transformation process and the acquired experience, Sia-Mpl assures a reliable and safe product, taking also account of safety at each manufacturing phase: safety is built every day also by technology. For this purpose Sia-Mpl is BS OHSAS:2007 certified.

Raw material

Sia-Mpl is always synonym of high quality, beginning from the raw materials supplied by selected suppliers, which assure the observance of specific tolerances and strict qualitative parameters. We are so in a position to offer panels manufactured by drawn polished wire, impurity-free, suitable for chromium plating and painting.