TeleMetalliche s.r.l.

Woven wire meshes are a product obtained by the interlacing of wires in different ways, which differ on the basis of the weaving types.

They were originally produced in order to satisfy various requirements in the industrial field as filtration, drying, protection, separation, containment, sound absorption. Today they are more and more used, besides the construction field, also in the architecture, either in interior or in exterior applications.

They are some times combined with thin cables or rods, or with no metallic materials as synthetic or natural fibres.

TeleMetalliche, thanks to the more than hundred years old experience developed in the metallurgical field, with a range of products that laying together geometries, lights and transparencies offer large spaces to creativity for forming new magical atmospheres, propose itself as ideal partner for the architects and designers.

We can offer technical and stylistic solutions, flexible and strong, for making partitions, false ceilings, sunbreakers, ventilated façades, besides decorative elements, curtains and lampshades.

TeleMetalliche s.r.l.

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