Sovatec Industriale s.r.l.

Sovatec Industriale is the market leader in Italy for the production of pre-crimped wire meshes. Initially born as a company specialized on the production of high tensile steel wire meshes for vibrating machines within the Schiavetti Group, Sovatec Industriale has more and more increased the production of AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel wire meshes, materials whose qualities are essential in many industrial applications and, in particular, in the building industry.

In this case the stainless steel wire meshes are used for exterior façades, false ceilings, safety parapets, staircases, interior partitions. The wires are initially pre-crimped in order to guarantee the correct mesh aperture and a proper stability.

Then the wires are woven by robust and versatile automatic looms, able to manufacture wire meshes with wire from 1,2 to 12 mm and of any aperture, square or rectangular. With a production capacity of more than 150.000 sqm / year, Sovatec Industriale is able to carry out any order in a short time and with very competitive prices.

Sovatec Industriale s.r.l.

Viale della Vittoria, 4
15060 - Stazzano (Al) - Italy

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