Sia-Mpl s.r.l.

Welded mesh and Sia-Mpl are an indivisible binomial since 1961: a successful product brought about the creativity and innovation's feeling of those years, when the "economic miracle" nothing else was than the result of the sacrifice spirit and cleverness of those who took up the challenge and devoted their energies to craftsmanlike activities, which even today are the backbone of our country.

Rigidity and plasticity, strength, transparency and lightness stay together in a single product having undeniable aesthetic and decorative characteristics which thank its openings, while separates the spaces, it does not close them, but develops new forms. It shapes the environment, the space and the light by unforeseen effects, respecting and enhancing either avant-garde or traditionally made and historical contexts.

AISI304 welded mesh does not be afraid of any challenge: perfect in the open spaces, attractive for interior furnishings and for design elements and environment-friendly as recyclable at 100%, it becomes leading part in the full expression of endless uses, remaining the model of Italian creativity, highly appreciated worldwide.

Sia-Mpl s.r.l.

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