RGS Schiavetti s.r.l.

Expanded metal is an interesting means for modern architecture, characterized by a wide range of transparencies, patterns and applied materials.

The envelope obtained with more or less transparent screens represents a flexible instrument for the perception and design of the volumes behind, meeting either functional or decorative requirements alike.

Usually applied to new buildings expanded metal screen produced by RGS Schiavetti appears also to be a valid instrument to convert existing buildings by the creation of a new "skin", to modify sometimes the appearance radically and even reveal the evolutionary process during the course of time.

In its factory of Stazzano (AL), RGS Schiavetti produces expanded metal architectural screens starting from metal coils or sheets transformed by means of a combined deep drawing and cutting proceed. Expanded metal screen has different shapes, is threedimensional and highly resistant. RGS Schiavetti has acquired a high competence in its field and today is able to guide the customer in choosing the most suitable solution.

RGS Schiavetti s.r.l.

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